A Place To Call Home

by 69enfermos

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released July 17, 2017

©69enfermos. All Right Reserved 2017.
Released by Morning Wood Records (NL)
Artwork by Mauricio Reyes
Cd Design by Mauricio Reyes
Photo by Miguel Cassanta Gavioli
Engineered and Mixed By Diego Camacho & 69enfermos at Kaman Records
Music & Lyrics by 69enfermos



all rights reserved


69enfermos Porto Alegre, Brazil

Classic Skatepunk/Melodic Hardcore based in Porto Alegre Brazil, originally formed in Colombia in 1995.

Support on Lagwagon, Rufio, Belvedere, A Wilhelm Scream, Less Than Jake, Satanic Surfers,
Mute, Forus, Straightline, Adrenalized, The Wonder Years, 2minutos.
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Track Name: The Lie

I do believe they're hiding so much more
i do believe we're being used
we are like robots,that's the way we are.
dreaming about having free will

Here's the truth
The lie is so consistent we don't even know what's wrong
The greed and being selfish gets stronger ,even more ( Here's the truth)
We are not even guilty That's the way the world we own..
We've never asked to be here but however here we are

So this is gonna last forever?
Or can we really make a change?
I hope we find the way
Track Name: Attitude

Have do you ever thought about yourself enough to understand
you should be grateful about (this is why)
The life you live, the love, the dreams you have.
Not everything is pain
there's no need to bring you down

Maybe you're right, life's not fair.
but right in the end there's a light.
So just follow your heart.
It doesn't matters if you fail by trying.
You will have your time .i know

We can not choose our home or where we're born.
But we can choose to thank and help others as we can (As we can)
We are the same, we're humans, we must end indifference and make this world a better place

Just call it attitude
Track Name: Rejected

Society rejected me 'cause of my thoughts
I don't mind, I've never felt accepted
We all were born free no borders no colors
And they put a label and a nation

I want more
I don't wanna fill the gap, don't wanna play that role
Track Name: A Place To Call Home
A Place To Call Home

This is Southmérica, we ain't got no place to go.
This is what you see in pictures ,this the new world.

And we try our best
-we are learning from failure.

And we do the best
beyond the pros and cons, we must go on

Someday we'll find a way home or maybe not
Someday we'll find a way to rise.
but for now we have to deal with our past

This is what they left behind the conquest of this world.
this is southAmerica and this is paradise
Track Name: Be Smart Don't Play The Fool

So this is how they made it
And this is how it works
We keep the status quo
For they can rule the world

Forget About redemption
Redemption is a lie
We're here for something greater
than paying bills and die

And this one goes for you
Be smart don't play the fool

We haven't learned the lesson
And now we the pay the price
They'll always try to break you
Stand up for your rights

We'll never reach perfection
Not even with a god.
Wake up and take control
Realize that you're alive

And this one goes for you
Be smart don't play the fool

No more lies
Signs are getting too strong to be ignored.
This is why they're afraid:because they know this world belongs to us
Track Name: Not The Answer
Not The Answer

Are you waiting to take the system down
while you spend your time intoxicated whining from your couch
Stop thinking the world is against you
For no reason you hate everybody
and "nobody likes you.".

Don't you get it? You're not forever young.
Time flies by and one day sooner or later you'll be on your own.
So be clever 'cause booze won't pay your food.
Punk is not 'bout making the wrong decisions, punk's'bout being you

Life is not that bad
Drugs are not the answer they just fry your brains
You don't need that crap
Stay away from people who don't give a damn
They'll never be your friends, you are better than this.
Track Name: One More Day

My life is not the same.
I need you back again.
I can't pretend that I don't care
so tell me what is wrong.
I'll do my best for you
I know that we can find the way

I promise i won't let you down
No matter what it takes
Believe in me and trust me like you did

i know i am predictable.
i can't remember dates
but i am sure you like the way i am

And i don't wanna say goodbye
By saying "see you then"
That's why i'm here to ask you once again for one more day

Last night i thought of you.
I wonder what you do.
Would you be thinking about me?

One more day to bring you back.
One more day to save my life
Track Name: On My Own

I don't wanna be the one who doesn't understand.
I don't wanna take for granted everything they say.
So i sit and look
About the way I make my choices
And i do whatever i must do for myself

Don't try to hide whoever i was once,
Because nobody cares about my life.
I'm different now, I've played my cards for good and i realized i can get further

All on my own because i get stronger.
I know there's more and I am moving forward

I don't wanna be another number on a list
I don't wanna feel like if my life is worth nothing
'Cause i sit and look
About the way I make my choices
And i do whatever i must do for myself

I do believe in who i am one day you'll see me
I do believe in who i am, i just woke up to live
Track Name: For You To Know

For you to know
You're always on my mind
You are by far the best i've ever had.
My days are shining, living seems to have a meaning just because you came into my life.
Besides you make me smile
Track Name: We

This could be better but it's ok
We had a blast, had fun together.
For a while it worked for me.
I need to get out, that's all i need.
I've never really got to know you and i guess i never will.

So tell me how am i supposed to know
To know

I don't expect you to be agree.
I mean, you told me many stories
but it's too late to believe
This is my way out, this is the end.
We can't stand like this forever, anyways i wish you well.

As i believed in every promise that you broke.
Now I believe i wasn't good enough for you
For you
Track Name: In The Nineties*

Well, i guess i have to tell you
I'm stuck in the nineties
I couldn't find another rhythms
Or a place where i can fit

I grew up among great records,
Listening to fat wreck bands.
I still enjoy my skateboard.
And my soundtrack hasn't changed

You can be back when you want.
let the music take you there

Well i guess i have to tell you.
That i really miss the gigs.
All the crowd singing together.
We were like a family

Mike Carroll made it better
I saw him on Plan B.
We used to skate together.
After watching KIDS.
And because of lagwagon
I've got my brown eyed girl.