Beyond Borders

by 69enfermos

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Dalin Focazzio -(vocals, guitar)
Jairo Meza -(bass, vocals)
Cesar Bernal -(drums)

Recorded and Mastered at Kaman Records by Diego Camacho & 69enfermos (Dec 2014-May 2015).

Produced and Edited by Morning Wood Records ,Melodic Punk Style & ProRawk Records .


released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


69enfermos Porto Alegre, Brazil

Classic Skatepunk/Melodic Hardcore based in Porto Alegre Brazil, originally formed in Colombia in 1995.

Support on Lagwagon, Rufio, Belvedere, A Wilhelm Scream, Less Than Jake, Satanic Surfers,
Mute, Forus, Straightline, Adrenalized, The Wonder Years, 2minutos.
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Track Name: Numbers

You who live this kinda life accepting what you've got and not what you deserve ,
Take your time to realize you can be what you want ,not only what they say.

We're only numbers on their task and you don't even noticed.
A bunch of no mind voting gang just from the beggining.
They use their economic power to maintain the lie you like and hire.

Their speech of "being nice" and "giving you their hand" is just a fairy tale.
They don't care about your needs, your problems or your dreams.They only want their piece.

And that's the answer you don't even care and make you one of them
Track Name: A Better World

Another day goes by and no one seems to care.
I wonder if we have another place to live
Destroy, erradicate everything we have.
It's not the way to prove
We are the human race

Who's really gonna pay and face the consequence?
There is no one to blame ,there is not way to change.
I'm begging for regard ,a little common sense.
I don't wanna be part of this nonsense mistake..

This place can be better understand it
'Cause the answer it's up to you
So tell me what are you gonna do
Track Name: Maribor

I've been living in a lie
They told me this is all i'll ever get to know
There's a whole world on the outside.
Don't let the imaginary borders drag you down

I'll see you someday
Where skies are blue
I'll see you someday
In Maribor
Everything is gonna be journey has begun
Track Name: Once Again

I remember how you stare at me i remember when you smile.
I don't wanna move or leave this town 'cause i wanna see you around.
They don't know a thing about my life i could be the only one.
I'm just looking for a place to stay and i will call you when I'm done.

Once again i've found myself doing something i don't really want.
But you worth it and I'll do my best to make all the things you want.
I remember how you stare at me when i think i've had enough.
Believe in me and wait for me 'cause i won't let you down.

I'm coming when i'm done.
I'll be there when i am done
Track Name: Choices Made

This is you don't forget what's in your heart.
It only matters who we really are
What you do with your life is what you've got
The only one who cares about you is you

Don't forget it you have the chance to take anything you need don't hesitate.
And be honest ,you might require some time it is a fact we lost the path and it depends on us to bring it back
Track Name: Fading Away

This is the last time I will call you up hope you can answer your phone
Is this what you want?
Nothing's gonna change
This is wrecked. completely failed

I can't stand this crap
You promissed to me
Many things and i believed
Don't you understand ,i made plans for us and it seems it was never real

Time is the one thing I treasure
Time will be mine once again

Well if you don't mind im fading away

What about the letters.
All the memories how am I supposed to live?
Is this what you want?
I can't just forget
And pretend we're just friends

No more this killing silence
Track Name: I See It

What about the leaders?
Why can they avoid their crimes?
Do you still believe in
Broken promises and lies?

There is nothing hidden
Politicians want control
This is only business
Don't forget they need your vote

I see it while you go to Disneyland.
I see it. After years of being blind
I see it. There's not such a promised land
This is only you and me my friend trying to prevail
Track Name: In the Nineties

Well, i guess i have to tell you
I'm stuck in the nineties
I couldn't find another rhythms
Or a place where i can fit

I grew up among great records,
Listening to fat wreck bands.
I still enjoy my skateboard.
And my soundtrack hasn't changed

You can be back when you want.
let the music take you there

Well i guess i have to tell you.
That i really miss the gigs.
All the crowd singing together.
We were like a family

Mike Carroll made it better
I saw him on Plan B.
We used to skate together.
After watching KIDS.
And because of lagwagon
I've got my brown eyed girl.

Well, it seems I'm getting old
Track Name: Wake Up

I believe there is a way out
I believe in you and me.
Time is up and we must wake up
For a world for our kids
I still believe in mankind
Don't surrender to their will
It's not late to see what is wrong
So we can still fix it

Are you really feeling safe
When you know we need a change?
How can you sleep at night
While the future is not right?
Does it have to be too late
To reclaim a better place?
It's time to wake up

By the people for the people they defined democracy
millions die because of these words
Hundreds see it on tv
I believe there is a way out
It depends on you and me
To wake up and see what is wrong
Start over and believe

"In a world like this ,to be neutral in anything you do it's to collaborate with whatever is going on"
Howard Zinn
Track Name: The Calling

We've lost the battle
But we're hungry for more
Retaliation became the only hope
The way they fight us won't last to our sons.
We must resist 'till we get what we have lost.

Time it's up and freedom was removed
From a constitution written as a joke
We've found the leaders but we don't care no more.
We ask for reason but reason has left us

And i wonder if you see
All the things they've done to me.
An amalgamation of my life with lots of missing scenes
It is hard to learn to know
And begin to let it go
As soon you realize
This is not the life you're waiting for

And finally the gap between us grows.
The call was weak and the effort not enough
So keep strong and please just don't give up
The cause is real and needs the best of you

Unless we rise as one we won't be free